Privacy Notice

Grupo de Trafico y Comercio Internacional S.A de C.V. (hereinafter “GPO TCI”) in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data in the Possession of Individuals (hereinafter LFPDPPP ) and its regulation, hereby brings to your attention this Privacy Notice to keep you informed about the use we will give to the personal data you provided us through our various means of contact, or to which we receive through our affiliated companies, strategic and commercial partners, its purposes, the terms on which we will be using them, as well as the procedures and means of contact that we have prepared to answer any question, doubt or request in this regard.

1. Identity and address of the person responsible for the safeguarding of personal data.

Grupo de Trafico y Comercio Internacional S.A de C.V. is a Mexican customs brokerage with proprietary patent dedicated to providing custom services and advice on foreign trade, it is responsible for the procurement, storage, treatment, protection, and provision of personal data collected by the same company, located at Calle Villahermosa No. 164- 9, Col. Peñon de los Baños, CP 15520, Delg. Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, Mexico. It is also responsible for the data obtained in Veracruz, Calle Emparan No. 245, Zona Centro, CP 91700, Veracruz, Veracruz.

2. Collected personal data and used media.

We can collect the personal data through our media-enabled contact:

  1. Personally:
    • When you ask for information or quote for our services, the only information we request is your identity and a way to contact you in order to send the requested information and provide the necessary advice (full name of the customer, personal email and / or employment, including mobile and office telephone, place of origin and destination of goods).
    • When you ask us to provide our services we will ask for additional information on the identity of the client (marital status, RFC, CURP, place and date of birth, nationality, physical signature and age), location data (office and/or particular address), migratory status and documentation which certifies it, if applicable, identity data and documents, and contact details of the legal representative and/or single administrator that confirms this (public document featuring the representation and/or their quality of single administrator authenticated by a public notary), fiscal data, and financial assets (bank accounts) to perform the billing and verification of payment steps, as well as the documentation defined in Article 36 And 36A of the Customs Law, Chapter II Customs Notifications applicable to those who enter or extract goods of the national territory by awarding grants to a customs regime.
  2. Directly by phone, mail, or web page:
    • When you ask for information or ask for a quote of our services, the only information we request is your identity and a way to contact you to send the requested information and provide the necessary advice and appropriate follow-up.
    • When you ask us to provide our services, to make the necessary arrangements with licensed suppliers, local and federal entities involved with the dispatch of the goods, and to keep you informed on the progress and completion of the requested service.
  3. Indirectly, through our subsidiaries, commercial and strategically allies.
    • When we receive a reference and/or recommendation for our services, we provide the general data for the identification and contact (name, personal email and/or office or home phone and/or mobile.
3. Sensitive data.

We consider the fiscal data of individuals as sensitive data as an inappropriate use could lead to a serious risk to holders.

4. Purposes.

The personal data collected will be used for the following purposes and solely by the authorized personnel, under the procedures and security measures that we have defined in order to keep them protected.

  1. Primary Aims:
    • Provide counseling services to importers and exporters in respect of the rules applicable in foreign trade, customs brokerage of goods for their different customs regimes and service of sea, air and land freight.
    • Prospecting, quotation and follow-up to customs services.
    • Administrative Management to provide the contracted services, accounting records and billing.
    • Generation of electronic invoices, payment of fees, payment to suppliers and federal entities and/or premises.
    • Regular procedures to update directory of Customers and Suppliers.
  2. Secondary Aims: allow us to render marketing and statistics activities.
    • Promote our services through the sending of emails.
    • Send electronic communications and notes of interest related to the services provided.
    • Implement surveys to measure customer satisfaction and assess the quality of the service offered by our team of collaborators and suppliers.
    • Statistical and commercial analysis for identification of needs and customer classification.
5. Ways to restrict the use of your personal data in Secondary Aims.

Limit the use of your data is your right, you should only select any or all of the boxes positioned to the left of the following purposes. If you do not select any it will be deemed to have granted their consent.

  1. [ ] Do not wish to receive information of services.
  2. [ ] Do not want to participate in surveys of satisfaction of client.
  3. [ ] Do not want to participate in surveys of quality service.
  4. [ ] Do not want my data to be part of your statistical and commercial analysis.

You can also limit the use of your personal data by sending a mail to indicating the purposes for which you no longer want to be contacted and will receive the confirmation of your request after 24 to 48 hrs. by the same means.

It is important to mention that we have a web page and use cookies techniques which are essential in order to provide optimal functionality when you enter to the web site through any device you want to use. In no time we make use of any other type of cookies or any other technology available on the market to gather any information regarding your profile of navigation on the Internet and/or user preferences.

We have social networks via Facebook, twitter @gpotci and LinkedIn which are governed by their own privacy policies, so “GPO TCI” has no rights on the database registered in these applications, as well as the continuous interaction through emails that generates with its users.

6. Transfer of Personal Data:

To comply with the purposes described in section IV of this Privacy Notice it is necessary to share your data with the following suppliers and under the following situations:

  1. Data and documentation of identity, location and contacts, as well as any information contained in the documentation that supports the customs clearance of goods and/or the service of sea, air and land freight are shared with the vendors selected by the customer from Annex A “Register of Suppliers” of this Privacy Notice, as well as to the involved with the service provided in accordance to the applicable regulations: Customs Law, Tax Administration Service, federal, state and municipal entities.
    1. When a customer directly authorizes the preferred supplier to “GPO TCI” it should be done expressly through this Privacy Notice.
    2. [ ] I agree and authorize “GPO TCI” to share the information specifically required to the tthe customs agent select in order to specify the service that I have hired, same as detailed in Annex A “Register of Suppliers” of this Privacy Notice.
  2. Financial, property and identity data are shared for billing your own fees and third parties fees, namely, to the vendors involved with the maneuvers and warehousing, freight, taxes and delays, so that the data will be transferred to the accounting department and to the supplier of CFDI “Aspel de México, SA de CV” through its system called SAE and to “Sistemas CASA, SA de CV through it system CASA”, who are legally bound and through its confidential agreement to handle personal data only to perform the accounting tasks and tax returns, as well as the generation of electronic invoices in accordance with the terms defined in this Privacy Notice and to the Existing Fiscal Laws.
  3. The data obtained through the “Contact” Section of our web page will be supported as a security measure and analyzed by our hosting provider and administrator of our web page “ISISCOM Soluciones de TI, SA de CV” for statistical purposes and promotion.
  4. The “LFPDPPP” previse the national or international transfer of personal data without the consent of the copyright holder, only if it is provided in a law or treaty in which Mexico is a party, having as purpose to fulfill obligations arising from the relationship between legal and commercial holder and the person responsible for the prevention or medical diagnosis or for the signature of a contract in which the holder is the interesting party, as shown in Article 10 And 37 of the “LFPDPPP”.

The recipients of the personal data, they assume the same obligations of the person responsible for the personal data in accordance with the terms defined in this Privacy Notice.

If you do not manifest the refusal to the transfer of your data, it is understood that you have given your consent.

[ ] I do not consent about my personal data to be transferred for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Notice.

7. Procedure for Exercising your Rights of Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition, as well as to Revoke your Consent.

As the owner and sole owner of your personal data may, at any time, exercise your rights, Access to your information we possess, as well as to know about the use we are going to give to this information, to Rectify it and/or update it if it is needed, or to Cancel it if you consider we do not need to have this information as our legal or commercial relationship has been completed, or because there is no reason for us to have this information, or if you Oppose the way in which we are using it.

You only need to send us by email your application, a copy of an official identification and a copy of the official identification of the legal representative, contact data and/or the documents that proves the modification of your personal data through: and/or directly at “GPO TCI”, in any of its offices located at Calle Villahermosa No. 164 interior 9, Col. Peñón de los Baños, CP 15520, Delg. Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, Mexico; as well as in Veracruz, Calle Emparan No. 245, Zona Centro, CP 91700, Veracruz, Veracruz where we will be pleased to process your application and/or help you to answer any question.

After we received your application it will be reviewed to make sure that it is complete, after it is confirmed we will make an analysis of provenance taking 20 days to do it. If it is validated you will be noticed about the procedure of application, having 15 days to perform the corresponding administrative operating activities to answer your application.

In the event that the answer may not be satisfactory or if you do not receive an answer after 20 working days, you have 15 working days to ask for a procedure of “Protection of Rights” to the Ifai, this application and process may be consulted directly in the web page of the Ifai Institute at

If you want to Revoke your Consent, the procedure and response times is exactly the same as that for exercising their rights ARCO, just because in this case, if you disagree with the answer or is interfered with the detailed information in the document response, you may request a “Verification Procedure” at the Ifai Institute. This process may be consulted directly in the web page of the Ifai Institute,

For more information on the process, as well as the application form and the means available for providing access to their personal data, we should be grateful if you order them through the mail account indicated at this point.

8. Changes to the Privacy Notice.

“GPO TCI” will perform changes to the present Privacy Notice as it deems necessary accordingly to the operational changes and/or policies that so justify. These changes will be informed through the following means:

  1. Printed notice published in the premises in Mexico City and Veracruz.
  2. Notice published on our website:
  3. Via email and/or at the express request of the customer.
  4. Via audio message response by the telephone lines available in its 2 offices, Mexico City and Veracruz.
9. Security measures to protect personal data.

The personal data that we collect will be kept in strict confidentiality in accordance with the administrative, technical and physical security measures we have implemented in this respect in our security policies and procedures, being prohibited access to unauthorized personnel in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Notice, in accordance with the provisions in the LFPDPPP and its Regulation.

Date of drafting: June 12, 2014.

Last Update: June 14, 2014.

Consent of the Integral Privacy Notice.

I consent and agree that the personal data provided herein shall be used conform to the terms of this Privacy Notice.

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Place: ____________________________________________________________________________________

Date: ___________________________________ Signature: ________________________________________